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"Salient Eucalyptus, Braeburn & Cassia and Drury Lane"
By: Candle Find

"I loved, loved, loved these candles! The looked AMAZING while burning and were relatively maintenance free. Of the three candles, I found Salient Eucalyptus and Drury Lane the strongest. They each filled the rooms they were in."

"Aged Spruce, Crafted Vanilla Noir, and Midday Mojito"
By: Candle Find

"These three candles really blew me away with their complexity. Midday Mojito was my favorite, with the other two in a close tie. Midday Mojito was also the strongest of the scents, with Aged Spruce close behind. As expected, the vanilla scent (Crafted Vanilla Noir) was a softer scent. I would certainly purchase all three scents, probably in their decorative bowls."

"Get To Know A Candle Brand"
By: Candle Fandom

"My mom loved the calming aroma of Salient Eucalyptus, an herbal mix; my dad loved the woodsy scent of Aged Spruce, like bringing the outdoors in; and my sister thought Plumeria in Bloom smelled like being on vacation."