Vertical Wallet

Vertical Wallet


This wallet has a total of 4 slots and 2 pockets, one behind each slot on either side of the wallet, totaling 6 storage areas for cards, cash, and RFID proximity cards. This wallet folds closed, keeping everything in place in your pocket. It is a functional trade-off from a traditional billfold wallet.

This Full Grain Bridle Leather is made to last! It’s all about durability and strength. Invest in a wallet that will be with you for years to come! Too many products these days are not made to last, so we created an alternative that does.

Leather Qualities

Full Grain: This is the highest quality you are going to find. It is pure in its form, and has not been sanded, buffed, or otherwise weakened to remove impurities. You start out with the full thickness of the leather, which contributes to the strength and durability of the material. When working with goods for daily use, we will always opt to use this quality of material, so you are never left guessing if your products are going to fall apart - they just won’t!

Top Grain: Second in terms of quality is Top Grain. It has the layer of any imperfections removed, making it thinner and more workable when crafting leather products, but its strength and durability are reduced. Top Grain is the most common type of leather when it comes to high-end products that you regularly see. This leather has been sanded down and applied with a finish to create a smooth texture. The finish reduces the breathability of the leather but will protect it from stains.

Suede: When dealing with suede, durability and strength are not necessarily the focus. Usually texture and visual style are more desirable characteristics. Typically suede is found on shoes, or say a fringe jacket.

Genuine Leather/Corrected Grain: Genuine Leather is somewhat of a misleading phrase frequently used in leather marketing. While yes, it is genuinely leather… It is genuinely one of the lowest grades of leather quality. It has an artificial grain applied to the surface to give it a texture. In reality, it is borderline scraps that are glued together to make a cheap product and is sold as “Genuine Leather,” which people assume means “Not Pleather;” however, Genuine Leather actually refers to the quality grade, which is very low. Take a good close look next time you see something labeled as Genuine Leather and I am sure you will be able to spot the reality of it. You will not catch us with Genuine Leather in our products, so fret not!

Bonded Leather: Honestly, you will never see Bonded Leather in our store either, but just to be thorough in our explanations of quality… They are scraps of leather shredded into a pulp and then bonded together using a layer of polyurethane and latex. There is no way to tell how much of the final product is chemicals and how much is organic material. Because of this, Bonded Leather is undesirable in our opinion and will not be included in our products.

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